Hydrocele meaning in hindi

Mere 3 saal k bacche ka ek anda sooj gya hai Koi tareeka bataye theek Ho jaye. Soojan hai ek goli badi Ho gai hai. Sir mere left side mein andkosh bda hai lekin kbhi dard ni hota utna hi bda hai kya kru desi davai btao sir koi. Sir ji kateri ki jd ko kitni matra me khana h. OR , Kitni matra me taiyar ki jaye to 7 din tk chale,,kitni matra me khana h sir ji….

Desi ilaj se bina opretion ke agar kisi ka hydrocele thik hua h to please comment reply krke jarur btaye. Mera hydrocil thoda phula hua hai aur thoda pani bhara hua hai par drd nahi deta hai iska koi gharelu upay bataiye.

Mere dahine haudeosel ke nas me sujan aur dard hai bina aprection kaise sahi hogasushil yadav from varanaso. SirMe raat ko soya sab thik tha Subha utha to mujhe thoda dard huwa aur mere ek site pote me sujan bhi aa gaee thi mujhe kya huwa hai sir batao please.

Sir, Do din pehle main thik tha. Achanak mera Dahiney Saaied ka Andkosh bara ho gaya aur baaye saaied ka chota hai.

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Mujhe dard to nahi ho raha. Lekin Uthney baithne mein paresaani ho raha. Iska gharelu Upaaye bataaiye jald thik ho jaaye. Ya Homeopathic medicine.

I felt four to five days back that one of my testicle has become minutely big size, today i felt little wit minor pain in that. I am worried what to do now. How can i confirm that it is hydroseal. If it is than what is the easiest way to cure it. Comment: sir mera bhi andkosh dono bad rha h koi achhi aur sarl upaye bataey jo jaldi se thick hojaye kyoki mai upp ka taiyari kar rha hu.

hydrocele meaning in hindi

Sir ji munhe hidrocil huaa tha opration bhi karwaya ab dushre andkosh ki nase suj rahi hi kya karu ab mi opration nhi karana chahta bataiye…. Mera hydrocil thoda phula hua hor thoda pani bhara hua h par drd nhi krta h i ska koi gharelu upay bataiga i request sir jaldi kuch upay boley mera re midecal h so plz.

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Sir Mera potha Kal Tak thik tha aj dekhe to right Bala potha Thora bda houa that to Kiya kare bhut tension ho rha hai hme. My right side hydroceal enlarge in size.A hydrocele HI-droe-seel is a type of swelling in the scrotum that occurs when fluid collects in the thin sheath surrounding a testicle.

Hydrocele is common in newborns and usually disappears without treatment by age 1. Older boys and adult men can develop a hydrocele due to inflammation or injury within the scrotum. A hydrocele usually isn't painful or harmful and might not need any treatment. But if you have scrotal swelling, see your doctor to rule out other causes.

Adult men with a hydrocele might experience discomfort from the heaviness of a swollen scrotum. Pain generally increases with the size of the inflammation.

hydrocele meaning in hindi

Sometimes, the swollen area might be smaller in the morning and larger later in the day. See your doctor if you or your child experiences scrotal swelling.


It's important to rule out other causes of the swelling that might require treatment. For example, a hydrocele might be associated with a weak point in the abdominal wall that allows a loop of intestine to extend into the scrotum inguinal hernia. A baby's hydrocele typically disappears on its own.

But if your baby's hydrocele doesn't disappear after a year or if it enlarges, ask your child's doctor to examine the hydrocele again. Get immediate medical treatment if you or your child develops sudden, severe scrotal pain or swelling, especially within several hours of an injury to the scrotum.

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These signs and symptoms can occur with a number of conditions, including blocked blood flow in a twisted testicle testicular torsion. Testicular torsion must be treated within hours of the beginning of signs and symptoms to save the testicle.

Hydrocele is the type of scrotal swelling that occurs when fluid collects in the thin sheath that surrounds the testicle. A hydrocele can develop before birth. Normally, the testicles descend from the developing baby's abdominal cavity into the scrotum. A sac accompanies each testicle, allowing fluid to surround the testicles.

Usually, each sac closes and the fluid is absorbed.

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Sometimes, the fluid remains after the sac closes noncommunicating hydrocele.A hydrocele is an accumulation of serous fluid in a body cavity. A hydrocele testis is the accumulation of fluids around a testicle. It is often caused by peritoneum wrapped around the testicle, called the tunica vaginalis. Provided there is no hernia present, it goes away without treatment in the first year.

Primary hydroceles may develop in adulthood, particularly in the elderly and in hot countries, by slow accumulation of serous fluid. This is presumably caused by impaired reabsorption, which appears to be the explanation for most primary hydroceles, although the reason remains obscure. As such, the condition would be a part of more diffuse sequelae commonly referred to as elephantiasiswhich also affects the lymphatic system in other parts of the body.

Complications are often diagnosed post-operatively, which can be differentiated through duplex ultrasound scanning and are bit observed until 24 to 48 hours for early complications such as drainage, infection, formation of haematocele, rupture, etc. The swelling is soft and non-tender, large in size on examination, and the testis cannot usually be felt. The presence of fluid is demonstrated by transillumination. These hydroceles can reach a huge size, containing large amount of fluid, as these are painless and are often ignored.

They are otherwise asymptomatic, other than size and weight, causing inconvenience. However the long continued presence of large hydroceles causes atrophy of testis due to compression or by obstructing blood supply. In most cases, the hydrocele, when diagnosed early during complete physical examinationare small and the testis can easily be palpated within a lax hydrocele. However Ultrasound imaging is necessary to visualize the testis if the hydrocele sac is dense to reveal the primary abnormality.

But these can become large in cases when left unattended. Hydroceles are usually painless, as are testicular tumors. A common method of diagnosing a hydrocele is by attempting to shine a strong light transillumination through the enlarged scrotum. A hydrocele will usually pass light, while a tumor will not except in the case of a malignancy with reactive hydrocele.

Secondary hydroceles due to testicular diseases can be the result of cancertrauma such as a herniaor orchitis inflammation of testisand can also occur in infants undergoing peritoneal dialysis.

A hydrocele is not a cancer but it should be excluded clinically if a presence of a testicular tumor is suspected, however, there are no publications in the world literature that report a hydrocele in association with testicular cancer.

hydrocele meaning in hindi

Secondary hydrocele is most frequently associated with acute or chronic epididymo-orchitis. It is also seen with torsion of the testis and with some testicular tumors. A secondary hydrocele is usually lax and of moderate size: the underlying testis is palpable. A secondary hydrocele subsides when the primary lesion resolves.

It does not occur only in infants but it occurs in adults also, a hydrocele is usually an expression of a patent processus vaginalis PPV. The tunica and the processus vaginalis are distended to the inguinal ring but there is no connection with the peritoneal cavity.

The processus vaginalis is patent and connects with the general peritoneal cavity.

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The communication is usually too small to allow herniation of intra-abdominal contents. Digital pressure on the hydrocele does not usually empty it, but the hydrocele fluid may drain into the peritoneal cavity when the child is lying down. Ascites or even ascitic tuberculous peritonitis should be considered if the swellings are bilateral. There is a smooth oval swelling near the spermatic cord which is liable to be mistaken for an inguinal hernia.Hydrocele is the term used for accumulation of watery fluid around the testicles leading to the swelling of the scrotum.

There is no pain associated but the person may experience mild discomfort. Hydroceles are most common in newborn male infants. It can also occur at any age.

हाइड्रोसील क्या है और कैसे करें उपचार? (Hydrocele in Hindi)

Hydrocil operation kerne me kitna paisa lagta hai. Sirmeri age 22 year hai. Mera left andkosh full Gaya hai. Aur dard bhi hota hai. Kya Karun sir please batye.

हाइड्रोसील का घरेलु रामबाण इलाज | Hydrocele Treatment in Hindi

Mai aapko answer ka wait karunga. Sir meri age 28 years hai sir mujhe 2 years se hydroseal hai jo kabhi theek ho jata hai aur kabhi badh jata hai par aaj tak dard nahi huva hai plz sir meri meri email id par suggestion likhkar bhejiye main aapke answer ka wait karoonga.

Sir, Main ye janana chahta hoon ki hydroseal ka operation kitne time main ho jata hain aur isko karvane main kya risk ho sakta hai. Why this hydrocele occurs??? Sir mughe 3 year se hydrosheel h or ek tarp pani bhra h or dushri tarp andkosh bda me kya kro sir plz batao.

Sir mujhe hydrocele problem h right side wala size bara h kabhi pain bhi hota h kya karana hoga please reply me sir. Sir mujhe left side me Hidrocel 3 month ka tha. Please batiya sir. Meri age 28 year h Mujhe 5 year se hidrosile h kabhi yeh sahi ho jata h kabhi kabhi yeh bad jata h kya operation karwana jaruri h. I am Sanjay mujhe haydrocele h pain par gya operation karbane se koi paresani nhi hogi mahnat Ka kam kab take nhi kar shakte bataiye.

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Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sarfraz alam August 8, at pm.

hydrocele meaning in hindi

Bhavin solanki November 26, at am. Kya hydrocele ki vajah se bachche karne me koi dikkat to nahi Aati Reply.Hydrocele meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Hydrocele in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Hydrocele in Hindi?

English definition of Hydrocele : disorder in which serous fluid accumulates in a body sac especially in the scrotum. ShabdKhoj hydrocele Meaning. Share Meaning.

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Definition of Hydrocele disorder in which serous fluid accumulates in a body sac especially in the scrotum. Loading Sentence usage for hydrocele Information provided about hydrocele: Hydrocele meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Hydrocele in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages.

English definition of Hydrocele : disorder in which serous fluid accumulates in a body sac especially in the scrotum Tags: Hindi meaning of hydrocele, hydrocele meaning in hindi, hydrocele ka matalab hindi me, hydrocele translation and definition in Hindi language. Spell Checker Synonym words Antonym Words. English Learning Videos.

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